On Repeat Delivery


At Petworld we offer a convenient On Repeat Delivery service. You can receive your favourite pet products at your home regularly - without thinking about it.


This flexible service is delivered to meet your schedule and can be changed and edited at any time.


Petworld On Repeat Delivery is here to make pet parenting as easy as possible. Take the pressure off you for your essential pet products.


This is the perfect service for regular deliveries of food, flea treatments, and treats - you can select from over 2000 products!


With this service you control it! It is super flexible and you can postpone, amend or cancel a delivery at any time. If you are not ready for your next delivery, simply change the delivery date, postpone or cancel! It's that easy!

How do I get started?

When adding an item to your basket, use the drop-down menu to select your delivery schedule! Create an account, check out as normal - we take care of the rest!


Frequently Asked Questions

How does On Repeat Delivery work?

Great question! Petworld’s On Repeat Delivery works like any other subscription. You will need to set up an account with us. Once you have selected your product, select how often you’d like to receive your products and begin the checkout process!


You will need to create an account with Petworld to amend/cancel your On Repeat Delivery.


Once your account is created, you can have full visibility on all your orders placed online with Petworld, and update account information and delivery details.


Petworld’s On Repeat Delivery is here to suit you. If you have any further questions, email our support team at orders@petworlddirect.ie 

How do I cancel my On Repeat Delivery?

You can cancel your subscription ANYTIME. Simply click on ‘Manage Subscription’. Please note, If the order has already left our warehouse, it will be too late to cancel.


You may also email us at orders@petworlddirect.ie and our team will get back to you. Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding your next bill date or the cancellation process.


If you do decide to cancel we're sorry to see you go, we are always looking for ways to improve our service so please let us know why you decide to leave us!

How do I manage my deliveries?

If you need to manage your subscription such as change delivery dates and frequency, you can do so by clicking on ‘Manage Subscription’.


Here you can skip your next delivery, change the delivery date, and amend your product. You can also send our team an email or call us and we’d be more than happy to help. The office is open Monday - Friday 9.00 Pm - 6 Pm.

I am going away next month. Can I stop my delivery?

Absolutely. Click on ‘Manage Subscription’ and choose a new date that works with your schedule!


OR you can email us at orders@petworlddirect.ie Or call us at 090 6479776 - we are here to help!

Can I postpone an order?

If you find your orders are coming quicker than your dog can eat - it's easy to postpone any upcoming orders.


Click on ‘Manage Subscription’ and choose a new date that works with your schedule! OR you can email us at orders@petworlddirect.ie to let us know of your new dates Or call us - 090 6479776 - we want to make this super easy for you!

How do I pay for my On Repeat Deliveries?

Once your first order is placed and you have created an account, payment is taken for the initial order and all subscriptions will renew automatically based on the delivery frequency you have selected.


You will be billed for your next order as it leaves our warehouse. For more information about your billing schedule, please email us at orders@petworlddirect.ie 


3 Easy Steps To Setup On Repeat Delivery

Step 1

Choose from 100's of products; from dog food to wormers

Step 2

On the product page, select your scheduled times that suit you and based on your pets needs.

Step 3

Set up your account & Check out as usual!


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