Petworld Gives Back


Petworld loves to support our local animal welfare charities. Over the years, we’ve had a lot of fun with our #PetworldCommiunity raising awareness and funds for local charities. We run several regular charity events throughout the year, including local Pet Adoption Days and our annual Petworld Furry 5K.


Pet Adoption Days

Petworld believes every pet deserves a loving forever home. Since Petworld stores first opened we have helped to re-home thousands of dogs and cats, not to mention fish snakes, iguanas - you name it!


With thousands of unwanted pets in shelters around Ireland, we recommend that anyone considering becoming a pet parent, look into pet adoption. Adopting is often less expensive than buying a pet. Rescue pets will be spayed or neutered, as well as have all their necessary vaccinations.


To learn more about the benefits of pet adoption, both for pet owners and animals, why not come to one of our regular Pet Adoption days at Petworld?


Held every 6-8 weeks, these days provide an opportunity for a local re-homing charity to come into our store and talk to the public about their work, and hopefully also find a loving forever home for a few pets. 


If you are involved with a pet re-homing homing charity and would like to organise an adoption day in one of our Petworld stores, please contact the local store manager and they will be happy to assist you. We do our best to rotate through various local charities.


Foster a pet

If you're not ready to adopt, but still want to get involved, there are other ways to help save a pet: Come along to an Adoption Day and find out how you can volunteer at your local shelter or even foster a pet for a short time.


Fostering a pet allows you to see if you are ready to adopt. It is also providing shelters with some relief or room to take in other rescues. 


Buy a few extra items with your purchase, whether it’s dog food, cat food, treats or flea treatments, and drop them in our charity rescue donation bins. You’ll be helping a local shelter save on costs.

Rescue Donation Bins

Rescue Donation Bins can be found close to the till area in participating Petworld stores. They provide you with a convenient way to donate useful products to local animal welfare charities and shelters.


How it Works:

  • A customer picks up an extra item(s), pays for it/them, and then drops it/them into the donation bin.

  • When the bin is full, the store manager contacts the chosen charity for that collection, and they come in to pick up the donated items.

  • Most pet products – including food, treats, beds, bowls and toys – are greatly appreciated by these charities.


This is a great tool for collecting much-needed items for smaller, local charities that don’t always have the same fundraising opportunities as some of the bigger organisations. It is also nice to know that you are helping local animals in need.

Petworld Furry 5k

Petworld stores nationwide host an annual Furry5k charity dog walk.  This event is a fabulous way to meet other members of our #PetworldCommunity and raise awareness and funds for local pet charities. 


Petworld NCTs

Your pet's health is very important to us. Twice a year Petworld arranges a FREE Pet NCT. We invite you and your pet to come to meet with a veterinary expert who will give your pet a quick check-up and you can share any concerns you might have.


You can also meet with a nutritionist to make sure your pet is on the right food for them. Our Pet NCTs are FREE and are our way to give back to our #PetworldCommunity.