Fun In The Sun


Fun In The Sun

The sun has descended on Ireland and it has been welcomed with open arms.

As we dash to our summer wardrobes, apply the sun cream and eat as many 99's as possible, we look for things to do outdoors.

And why not include our pets in the fun?

There’s a whole range of fun activities you can do, that both you and your pet can enjoy.

Take a look at some of the fur-friendly activities below...

Fun In The Sun With Your Pet

Fun In The Sun Ideas

Take Your Pet To The Beach:

We all love a dip in the water, especially in hot weather and our pets would probably love a dip too.

Why not load everyone into the car and take a trip to the seaside? Pack a picnic, towels, a couple of water bottles and you’re set!

And to make sure your pet doesn’t become dehydrated or overheated why not invest in a Petface Travel Water Bottle to make sure everyone stays cool and breezy on your day out.

Taking Your Dog To The Beach For Fun In The Sun

Play Fetch:

Playing fetch is a perfect, fun-filled activity when the sun is shining.

Why not take your pet to your nearest park or green, and play fetch?

It will give them great exercise and is fun for all involved. One cool item to bring the activity to a new level of fun is the Nerf Tennis Ball Blaster or the Petface Ball Launcher.

Try it out the next time the sun appears!

Guide To Having Fun In The Sun With Your Pet

Teach Your Pet A New Trick:

Teaching a pet a new trick is a great way of relieving boredom on a hot day.

Take your furry friend to a spacious area and try teaching it something new.

“Sit” and “Roll Over” are great tricks for beginners to try or if your pet is more advanced you could try teaching it to shake hands with you or to drop a ball into your hand.

Then provide a reward when he/she gets it right!

A few treats and words of praise are great rewards!

Family Fun In The Sun With Your Pet

Bring Your Pet For A Run Instead Of A Walk:

Why not get outside and make good use of the sunny weather by getting you and your pet out for a run, instead of a walk.

Walking seems far simpler but running is much better exercise for you both.

Plus, afterwards you can treat yourself to your favourite ice lolly and maybe even get one for your dog too! 

Yes, doggy ice lollies exist and are stocked at your nearest Petworld store .

Remember, only walk/run your dog if the temperatures permit.

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Go Shopping:

If your pet is behaving exceptionally well, why not take them along to a pet shop and treat them to some nice new toys?

The Beaphar Activity Ball and these Kong Toys are our recommendations but any toys you pick up will delight your pets for hours.

They may even meet some furry friends while at the pet store. How exciting!

There is no limit to the list of things you can do with your pet to celebrate the sunny weather.

Whether you go to the park, snooze outdoors in the sun or take a trip to the beach, there is a fun activity for everyone to enjoy.

Try out some of these ideas and see how it goes! We bet your pets will love you for it!

Remember, to exert caution when it comes to spending time in the sun.

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If you have more questions, reach out to our nearest petworld store or call us now