Treat Your Dog This Halloween


Treat Your Dog This Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner meaning it's time to stock up on loads of delicious treats.

Not just for the trick or treaters though - yes that's right, your dog too!

Dogs may not know what Halloween is but they know a treat when they smell one. So why not treat your dog this Halloween to their very own goody bag!

A great way to make sure every dog gets treated this Halloween is to set aside a few treat bags for pet owners.

Simply ask your trick or treaters if they have a dog and if they do they get to take home some goodies for them.

Their dogs will love it!

Treat Your Dog At Halloween

Dog Treats

Hemp Dog Treats

Our Hemp treats are full of nutritious benefits for your dog. They also come in a dental-stick format to keep their teeth squeaky clean. We have 3 different varieties of these treats available:

  • True Hemp Dental Sticks Calming:These treats are ideal for Halloween as they contain hemp and other active ingredients to help support the reduction of tension in our most sensitive companions. If fireworks, loud noises, and trick-or-treaters cause your dog to get nervous, these are perfect for them.
  • True Hemp Dental Sticks Hip & Joint: Our grain-free treats contain green-lipped mussels from New Zealand, known to support hip and joint function. They also contain turmeric root, a powerful antioxidant to help protect against free-radical damage.
  • True Hemp Dental Sticks Skin & Coat: These treats provide Omega 3 essential fatty acids, which play a role in normal skin function and appearance. Get ready to see a beautiful, glossy coat of fur!
Treat Your Dog This Halloween

Dogs Deli 100g Treats

Our Dogs Deli treats are the perfect way to treat your dog this Halloween.

They're super-premium and contain high-quality meats among other nutritious ingredients. Here's just a selection of what we have on offer:

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Pets Unlimited Dog Treats

The Pets Unlimited range contains a huge variety of different treats.

They're all high-quality, nutritious snacks that are perfect for your dog's Halloween goody bag!

Just take a look at some of the varieties we have below:

Pets Unlimited Grillers Beef 100g: This treat consists of 57% beef, an additional taste of rice, potato, glycerine, and guar gum, giving it a delicious and strong flavour.

Pets Unlimited Salmon Bones 150g: These treats are tasty, free of artificial additives, and contain only 0.5% fat.

Pets Unlimited Chicken Filet Strips Small Dog Treat - 150g: Delicious, nutritious and contain only 2% fat - what more could your dog want?

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Does your dog get nervous during Halloween?

Perhaps all the noise and the trick or treaters cause them a bit of anxiety?

Just take a look at our blog here for tips on how to reduce this stress.

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